Vegas! Here WE Come!


By Jenna

Alrighty then! Update on my packing for Vegas trip while I smoke!

Today I am smoking on Skywalker. It is an indica that is super fresh and light. It isn’t super sticky, but it has an amazing smell!

I started my packing a few days early because I get super stressed and anxious (not the fun kind, the kind that makes you hyperventilate  and unable to focus), hence medicating.

So, a full three days in advance I made a list of everything I want to accomplish before we head out. It ranged from cleaning the kitchen table to getting the pets ready. I knew I wanted my apartment cleaned because my parents are checking in on my cat, Padme, while they babysit my dog, Evee. Ya, I know, I’m nerdy and named my pets after Star Wars and Pokemon. I also knew I needed to get all the clothes washed and packed before the day we actually leave.

Yesterday, I washed and packed all the clothes needed. My Littles are small so they only took one gym bag, while me and the hubby used the full space of my larger luggage. I am a pretty light packer in general. I also cleaned the house and prepared the dishes for the dishwasher. My hope and intention was to only leave a few pieces to the departure day.
Which brings us to today, I still have to pack the truck, but I needed to make a run to Target first! I spent more than expected, as usual. I still need to get the toiletries ready to go, but that has to wait until the hubby is showered. Man he stinks after coming home from work! That’s what happens when you fall for a hard working man.

I’ve also run into a larger problem. My father-in-law is coming with us on our Vegas vacation. He is staying in the room with us, and will basically be with us all the time. He can’t know I smoke cannabis. I tossing ideas with Leigh; she had a suggestion that warranted note. Leigh’s recommendation is to smoke in the bathroom with the shower on and a towel under the door. The water adheres to the smoke and draws it out of the air. This didn’t take away the issue of the smell, so I’m out of luck on that front. My best hope still remains with edibles. There is no smoking, I can eat it in public, the high lasts for HOURS, and I don’t smell. So, it is off to the dispensary for me, because I was lazy the last two days and didn’t go already!

I’ll post again upon my return! Viva Las Vegas!!!



Let’s Climb this Volcano! 

This year I promised that I would spend less time at home and more time in nature. With the beginning of summer quickly approaching, I feel that it is only appropriate to begin planning now. My goal is to take 1 big trip per month, through September. In doing this I hope to bond more with my family, sharing the true beauty of California outside of the city.
Our first trip will be to Amboy, California. I’d never heard of this place until I started doing research. Located in San Bernardino County, Amboy Crater has attracted visitors from near and far. Until the construction of Route 40 in 1973, this was a popular tourist spot for those traveling along historic route 66. Though born and raised in So Cal, I’ve never allowed my inner Louis and Clark to fully develop a hunger for exploration.

Amboy Crater is a 10,000 year old dormant volcano. Yes, you read that right, a volcano.

“Southeast of town lies Amboy Crater, a 246-foot basalt cinder cone. The result of several explosive eruptions, it’s accessible by two main trails — one easy and one difficult — and offers a perspective not only of itself, but also of the Mojave National Preserve and beyond.” (Thanks Desert America for the info).

We will keep you guys updated as the trip gets closer. Yay for fitness!

Any followers ever visit Amboy? Shoot us a comment with your story. We love to hear from our fans.

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Caution: Peacock Crossing

IMG_8910Our trip to the Los Angeles Arboretum was as exciting and adventurous as we were hoping. It’s nice to be able meet up with other Cannamommies and their families. This past Sunday, we drove to Arcadia for the annual exotic plant and fern sale. Though the event itself was a bit lackluster (maybe Saturday was the busier day), we had the entire arboretum to explore.

IMG_9068IMG_9029The Los Angeles arboretum is host to millions of plants organized by place of origin. You’d be surprised how many plants we see everyday are from a far region of the world that we’ll probably never visit. This is thanks to the Mediterranean climate in Southern California. Comprised of 127 acres, the arboretum is located on a remaining portion of the Rancho Santa Anita, one of the Mexican land grants of Southern California. The extensive history of the arboretum makes it that more special to the thousands of guests that visit each year.

IMG_9066IMG_9038Opened in 1947, the arboretum has become a host to a variety of animals as well. Never seen a peacock? This is the place to go. We encountered at least 30, in different stages of maturity, between the parking lot and plant sale. They are in such an abundance in the area that they have ‘Peacock crossing’ signs making drivers aware of their presence. Don’t worry, they are accustomed to humans. There was a beautiful community of jack rabbits that were patient enough to let the kids get a closer look. This is something that I loved; it was so kid friendly…minus all of the walking. This is where you want to go if you have a 10k step goal!

IMG_9028IMG_9040Baldwin Lake is dried up, which was unfortunate. The waterfall was wonderful though! It felt fresh and the short hike up the stairs was worth the view. We ate at the Peacock Cafe, the cheeseburger was surprisingly delicious. We also got a quick quesadilla for the littles and a salad for the dieting momma (who stole a bite of the cheeseburger and fries). The cafe does catering as well because there are always weddings and photo sessions at the Arboretum.

IMG_9021IMG_9023We didn’t get to cover the whole map in one day, so we get to go back a few times. Considering the price is $9 per adult, and parking is free, this is an awesome day trip! I definitely recommend taking a fat rip before heading into the Arboretum!

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High from Las Vegas By Jenna

las vegasLater this month I’m heading to Las Vegas for the first time as an adult; also, as a wife, mother, sister-in-law, and daughter-in-law. Basically, it’s a family vacation with the hope of doing a little partying at some point. My knee jerk reaction said, heck ya! Let’s go to Vegas as a family! This is going to be so awesome! Now that we have booked our rooms and planned our trip, I have to plan for my love and use of cannabis.

I have a few barriers to being able to enjoy smoking in Las Vegas. First, my family, other than my spouse, do not know I smoke marijuana, especially not on a daily basis. Second, my family has a very negative opinion of marijuana and don’t like the smell. Lastly, cannabis laws are still progressing in Nevada and it is legal to smoke, but you must smoke in your private residence. The hotels are not private residences. There is the possibility of being charged a rather inconvenient cleaning fee. So, if I can’t smoke outside safely, and I can’t smoke inside safely, then what am I going to do?

Edibles! Duh! I’ve been experimenting with a few edibles to see what I like for taste, what has a good high, what is way too much, and what my best options are for ingesting cannabis.

The range of edibles I tried focused around what is easiest to take with me to Vegas. I grabbed a brownie, a few jolly ranchers, some sour straws, an energy bar, and an energy drink. I love brownies! They are usually my medium of choice when I am making my own special brownies, however the dosage for the brownie purchased at my local dispensary was far too high and I ended up throwing up my lunch and the brownie. The jolly ranchers are easy and provided a regular edible high. I only ate half the jolly rancher to see the quantity I like. Remember, when it comes to edibles you can always take more later. I loved the sour straws! They were fun to eat because they were rainbow stripped, and the dosage was easy to portion. The energy bar was too dry and the dosage wasn’t easy to save. The energy drink was one of my top favorites as well. I got an orange flavor and I couldn’t taste marijuana at all, it was really delicious. The cannabis entered my bloodstream quickly and it gave a nice high.

Overall, I think I’m going to take the energy drink because I can keep it in a cooler. I am also taking the jolly and sour straws because they are easy to hide and easy to portion. I am ready for Vegas knowing I will be safely using medicinal cannabis.

Our First Time

We can preach about  how great cannabis is, ignoring we’ve all had that ‘too high’ experience. Whether you’ve over indulged in a edible, or smoked one too many joints, it was unforgettable in the worst way.

That one time in College by Leigh

When I graduated from high school I thought I was big shit. I graduated with a 4.4 GPA and tied for Valedictorian of my class. I couldn’t be more proud of myself. In August I would be heading off to an all girls school in Virginia; my preppy dream. Until this point in my life don’t think I’d ever been drunk but I told people that I had. My high school was a hub of upper class drug abuse; there was a “coke bathroom” and our parking structure was the spot to smoke a quick joint before class. It was exactly what you would expect in a school with less than 100 students, all of which parents had more than enough money to ensure they would graduate.

Long story short, I’d been around drug use but never tried anything in fear that my parents would murder me. When August rolled around and I hopped on that plane, I left everything I had know behind.

College was everything I expected and more. I met a cool girl, who we’ll call Rusty, on move in day. She was exactly what I needed in my life; a little firecracker that was down for anything. Rusty made friends with a girl named Red who was cool as hell. She was one of the best equestrian riders in the entire school with a brain for biology. My long time friend Nicole was Rusty’s roommate so that made things even more perfect.

On our third night, Red proposed the idea of us hot boxing and heading to Waffle House. I had never hot boxed before but I couldn’t tell my new friends that. As we shuffled out to Rusty’s Rav4 we discussed the plan. Red needed to stop at the gas station neighboring our school, as it was the only place to buy papers on the way to our destination.

It seemed like everything happened in fast forward from the gas station. Before I knew it we were cruising down an unfamiliar road surrounded by trees. The smell of weed began to fill the car so I knew it was only a matter of time before the rotation would come me. When it was my turn Rusty passed a blunt that was as thick as a pencil but about 10 inches long. I hadn’t thought of my asthma since I was 11 but suddenly it was my first preoccupation. As I put the blunt to my lips and inhaled, my chest immediately tightened. I tried to remain composed but I felt like every particle of oxygen had been sucked from my lungs. I coughed and coughed and coughed. I passed the blunt towards the back seat and hoped that this feeling would pass. Soon my struggle subsided and replaced by one of the best feelings I had ever felt. I was back in rotation before I knew it. As we pulled into the Waffle House parking lot, my entire world began to spin. As I got out-of the car,the cold air hit my skin. Walking was so hard for me but I made it inside to the best sausage gravy and biscuits that I had ever had, up to this point.

Needless to say, that is the night fell in love with Mary Jane.

The Marching Hammers

I have stoner hippie parents who introduced me to Cannabis at a younger than socially acceptable. It all started with my younger brother as he had discovered weed through the neighborhood kids. He started selling, and, of course, my parents found out. Amazingly, this led to us smoking as a family. My parents had enough experience in life to know that it was safer to smoke with them rather than risk someone taking advantage of us. My dad knew exactly how he was going to introduce me to weed. We sat down in the evening and put on the movie Pink Floyd The Wall. He had played Pink Floyd for me as a child, along with other classic heavy metal bands such as Ozzie. As smoke filled our living room we became more united as a family. I felt so high that the only thing that actually stuck with me is the music and marching hammers. Smoking became a family habit. This never stopped us from doing well in life. I finished high school with a respectable GPA, played two sports, work, and have a social life. I learned the importance of family and we generally enjoyed spending time together. 

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