Dust Yourself Off

By Jenna

I have a problem. I am a sugar junkie. I like sweet foods. When I am craving sweets, I’m usually craving chocolate. This week I satisfied my chocolate craving by making avocado brownies. Oh man, were they delicious! I made a double batch because I had already mashed up two avocados instead of the one needed for the recipe. I also had used a base recipe which endured multiple changes. Coconut oil is out as a fad and I am using real butter in my cooking when I’m not using another oil. I also had to swap sugars for raw sugar and honey, instead of the called for maple syrup. These changes amounted to a decadent fudgy brownie. They also made sure my already sugar laden treat was even more sinful! I baked the brownie in a bundt cake pan because it is easier to cut up and serve to others.


I didn’t make it so far as to serve my creation with my family though. I ate almost a half the brownies on the first day!! That evening I started my spiral into shame and guilt. I had let myself slip up on food and exercise, and my body is paying the price. I fell off the wagon. I am tired, sluggish, and overall lazy. I am trying to get rid of the rest of my indica too so I can get to the dispensary for sativa. I had gotten some Skywalker because I embrace my geeky side rather than remembering I get mad munchies with indica. I gained a whopping 5 pounds back that I had worked hard to lose.

So, today is a new day! I have a plan to getting back on track.

Step 1: Medicate (Aka get HIGH!)

Of course you know that sativa strains can assist you with weight loss! The sativa helps suppress my appetite. Mostly out of coincidence and some planning, I often wait to cook and eat until after I’ve smoked. I don’t feel the pangs of hunger which drive me to reach for a less than healthy snack.


Step 2: Throw out junk food

I have thrown out the last ⅕ of the still yummy avocado brownie. It hurt to throw that last bit of brownie out instead of eating the deliciousness, but eating it would push me back another day. I also threw out Snack Crate leftovers, more on that in another post maybe. I’m proud of myself that I got all the junk snacks that don’t provide nutrition. There were a few things I kept though. I kept crackers, easy Mac, ice pops, and a little gummy candy because my kids or husband eat those. I don’t typically eat those items, even during my munchie times. While I’m writing this post I’m munching on cucumber with the kiddos.


Step 3: Meal Plan

Food is the key to successful weight loss and a healthy body. To that extent, so is a plan for what you are going to eat. When you have a plan for a healthy meal you are more likely to execute that plan. Defrost things a day or two in advance. Use the calendar on your phone to track what you are doing throughout the day. This will let you plan healthy snacks instead of rushing to grab fast food because you and your kids are starving! I have seen the bins in the fridges with the snacks and meals set aside, but those always seem to take a lot of space. Instead, I leave the snacks that my kids, 2 and 1 years old, can grab and eat them without me fearing their quantity or messiness. I don’t plan meals more than a week in advance because life changes too much. I use a weekly whiteboard from the dollar section at Target.


Step 4: MyFitnessPal

I have learned that I am most in control of myself when I am accountable for what I eat. Even when I eat the same thing every morning, actually logging the food has helped keep me in the habit of logging my food for lunches and dinners. It also helps that I can simply scan the barcode and the nutrition and serving size is added for me. I can also track my weight loss and goals with the app.


Step 5: Water

A healthy body starts with what you put inside. I don’t drink enough water, period. I haven’t tried to do the water challenges. This is what I am working on doing today. I’m not a fan of carrying around a gallon of water with me, but I’m at home most of the time. I have a 24 oz Contigo bottle that helps me keep track. If I can drink a minimum of two per day I’m good. If I can drink 3 a day I’m hitting my “recommended amount”. One thing I am doing different is adding fruit and veggies to my water. My favorite foods to add are lemon, mint, cucumber, and chili powder. (Not all at once).


Step 6: Exercise

A short 30 minute, high intensity workout is all I need to get my body rebooted. I need a fast exercise to restart and boost my metabolism. I have a short workout that can be done in 30 minutes and gets my heart rate going. It is primarily body weight exercises that require me to use multiple muscle groups so I can get back on track.


Here I go, it’s time to jump back onto that fitness wagon. Once I get my routine started up again, I will feel stronger, more alert, more active, and most of all healthier! Got any questions or comments? We want to hear from you!



To Smoke or Not to Smoke? That is the Question By Leigh

One of the first things I do in the morning is smoke a bowl. I prefer some good sativa to cup of coffee any day. Some feel that cannabis can be counterproductive, making you lazy. For me, it helps to get my creative juices flowing. Moms know, balancing home and social life while working full time is nearly impossible but we do it daily. Luckily for me, I work for a company that is 420 friendly. It changes the boss-employee dynamic when you can step outside with your boss for a nice smoke break without the typical repercussions.

Unfortunately, not all my friends are as 420 friendly as my boss and CAN’T STAND that I smoke. Recently my bff brought up the idea of me quitting, even though I smoke to support my mental and physical wellbeing. She is from Indiana, where cannabis is still considered to be a drug by majority of the population. My inner hippy immediately screamed “CHILL MAN!” when I heard the words “It makes me sad that you do drugs” cross her lips. She was kidding but I know some part inside of her felt that way.

On top of that, I have one parent that loves cannabis just as much as I do while the other thinks it’s disgusting. My dad aka my bestie, is a huge weed head…like old school, strictly joints kind of guy. He’s smoked my entire life. That’s probably why he could tolerate me through puberty, high school, and college, even when it didn’t go as well as expected (Thanks Dad!). My mother on the other hand is a stickler, who doesn’t really like anything that makes me happy. She used to be the cool mom that would jam to ‘I Get Around’ by Tupac when I was a kid. The mom that would dance so hard in the car it felt like we were at the epicenter of an earthquake that only we could feel. But I guess life and age sucks your soul out because that was the past, for sure! Anyways, it sucks to go to see your parents and there’s a constant tension about the forbidden grass. One mention will change a great evening to hell on earth.

Sometimes I feel like I’m torn between the people that I love and the plant that I love. I don’t see me making a lifestyle change soon but DAMN GINA! It would be way easier to slow down without the excess mental stress. With the change from strictly medicinal to recreational coming very soon in California, Cannabis is becoming widely accepted. Making it easier for Cannamommy’s like myself and Jenna to share our everyday lives, proving that you can be productive while high.

Please share your thoughts in the comments. Try to keep it positive but be honest. Tell us about your experiences in other states. We’d love to hear from our fans. #its420somewhere on Instagram! Tell your friends about us! Spread the movement!


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