HOLY SHRIMP! This scampi happening!: San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant

By Leigh


Since it was PACKED on Father’s Day, my family and I stopped into the San Pedro Fish Market this past Monday. It is located near the Los Angeles Ports of Call in San Pedro.

shrimp tray

The Home of the Shrimp Tray, the San Pedro Fish Market offers some of freshest seafood in So Cal. The fish market offers a patio area for customer to sit and feast while watching the shipment tankers pass. Considering it is in a highly industrial area, the scenery is beautiful. I wish I could say the same for the customer service that I received.

The lady that served me was everything but nice. She was very dry and unorganized. She handed another customer our pager, refused to accept that she did so, and threw my receipt at me. I was starving so I didn’t think to speak with management, plus I knew I’d get the chance to voice my opinion through the blog.


We waited for 30 minutes (FYI: If you plan on bringing the little ones, opt to sit in the restaurant. There are no high chairs available for the patio area. No fun with a toddler.) before I had to go and ask about my order. I had been given another pager which ultimately was not attached to my order. The young lady that helped me was very nice; she promptly found my food, which was sitting in the window getting cold. Now to finally taste the imfamous shrimp tray.


We tried the 2 person shrimp tray, elote, and shrimp & chips. One word describes the food: GREAT. I can see why people come here for the shrimp tray. I’ve had mimicked versions that suffered from lack of flavor but this one was booming with flavor. The elote (mexican style corn on the cob) was very tasty in combination with the shrimp & chips. WARNING: You will get the urge to overeat! Resist! Unfortunately, I didn’t take my own advice.


Can’t wait until I get another chance to visit. Hopefully the service will be much better next time.


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