Home Sweet Home

By Jenna
I’m home sweet home! Las Vegas was an adventure that made me want to go back, or just stay there permanently. I even took the time to notice jobs that would be available. Yet, like all good things, it had to end. Now, I get to recollect my fondest memories for you lovely people! Also a few things to avoid doing.


Day 1 Wednesday night

Before heading out on our trip I got super elevated. Partly because I get car sick, and partly because I needed to readjust my attitude before leaving. The drive wasn’t long because we left on a Wednesday. Once I was out of California traffic, it was smooth sailing. The kiddos slept the first 2.5 hours, cried for about 40 minutes, then relaxed the rest of the way. As we came up, we decided to drive down the strip and see the lights instead of going straight to the hotel. I felt a bit lame that we didn’t do anything Wednesday night, but I have a two year old and one year old. We got to the Venetian Hotel at 11pm, so we were exhausted. The Venetian Hotel is absolutely beautiful! We had two queen beds, but what really set the Venetian apart is the sitting area. The room had a full couch, two large sitting chairs, a desk, a table, as well as the mini bar area. I didn’t want to leave that room because it was so comfortable. I even got to take a video of the classic jump onto a cushy bed. I want to be super excited about the strip view from our hotel, but the hotel that was in full view was a certain Trump hotel.

Day 2 Thursday

Breakfast was at the of the small restaurants in restaurant row. The food was amazing! We then threw on sunscreen and started walking the strip. Of course I stopped by Fat Tuesday for a frozen margarita! We didn’t get too far, but the walk got hotter the longer we were outside. We went back to the hotel to relax and get ready for the evening. We went to dinner at Cut by Wolfgang Puck for some wagyu filet! It was my father-in-law’s first time eating filet, he typically eats his steaks cooked completely. We also had, for the first time, pork butt cutlets. The worst part is the dish came with only 4 bites distributed among the adults, but those bites were heavenly! I ate them so quick I didn’t even get a picture! I was a bit surprised to be able to get a table without a reservation. I skipped dessert, to my dismay, because the little boy was ready to go, like 15 minutes ago. I had warned my husband that as soon as our steaks came out the baby would start being done, and I was right.


Day 3 Friday

Friday we switched from the Venetian to Treasure Island Hotel so that the family could all be on the same floor. I had hoped to go swimming at Mandalay Bay because they have a lazy river that I was dying to enjoy. Since that didn’t happen as I had planned, we waited for everyone else to arrive and check into their rooms. Friday night was planned to be Guy’s Night. We had enough time before the guys took off to go to Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. By the time we got there I was just tipsy and that made me have a great time! The guys departed from the women and children and proceeded to hit the town. I convinced my SILs and MIL to do at least one thing before turning in for the night. That one thing was to walk and see the fountains at the Bellagio. The show was beautiful as expected. This was one of those times when it was fun to have a kid because they were astounded by the show. The down side is the walk was hard on the kids and they saw pictures that made them ask questions. I ended staying awake until my husband got home at 5am.


Day 4 Saturday

Saturday was surprisingly easy for how little sleep I achieved. My son woke me up at 7am! I don’t know how I was completely functional Saturday on less than 2 hours of sleep. We went to breakfast at Denny’s then back to the hotel because no one could agree on what we should do or where we should visit. My hope to visit a pool was let up and then dashed again as only a few people wanted to go, then no one wanted to go. I couldn’t go alone because my husband wasn’t functional, at all. We went back to the hotel and got all packed up to go to the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. It was a cute little aquarium for the kids. Saturday night was Girl’s Night out and our first stop was the entire reason we were in Las Vegas. We had bought tickets to the Backstreet Boys concert at the Axis at Planet Hollywood. The concert was fantastic! I wasn’t excited to go but it ended up being exactly what I hoped for and needed. I was starving before hand though, which fell on deaf ears. I ate my only edible available which only got me high for 30- 45 minutes. That was the most disappointing edible EVER! After the concert we grabbed a quick bite at La Salsa Cantina, I would go here again. My youngest SIL was being drama queen, per usual, and didn’t want to go out anymore. She was the reason we were going out to start. I bought a round of shots in hope to improve her mood, to no avail. We then went to a bar with a DJ along the strip. She didn’t enjoy that either and immediately wanted to leave. We finally walked back to Senior Frogs. The walk was extra long because the girls didn’t want to listen to me about which bridge to cross. The youngest SIL was the only one wearing heels, so she suffered from the walk. At Senior Frogs I had a blast dancing with the two older SILs, but the youngest still was a stick in the mud. We finally retired from our night at 2am.

Day 5 Sunday

We packed up and headed out early. I grabbed food from Starbucks while the rest of the family went out to breakfast. I wanted to try and get a head start on the majority of traffic, and I was done with family time. It worked! We made the drive back in about 5 hours.


Next time I go to Vegas it will be with fewer people. I didn’t mind going with my kids, but I would wait for them to be old enough to stay the weekend with their grandparents. I wanted to go to the pool, but never was able, so that is still on my To Do List. I also didn’t get to eat at a buffet or try many drinks. I also wouldn’t go without the ability to smoke. I am an adult and absolutely can handle not smoking, but it helps with recovery from a night out. It also relaxes me so I can enjoy my time better.


The West Coast is the Best Coast 

By Leigh

Come one, come all! As of July 1, 2017, marijuana will be legally recreationalized in the the state of Nevada. With the changes of legislation in California as well, the west coast is the greenest part of the country.

Here are some important questions/answers that  420 friendly Nevada residents and visitors need to know:

Q: It’s been legal to possess since Jan. 1. But when can I buy marijuana without a medical card?
A: Recreational sales officially kick off on Saturday morning at midnight for a three-hours blitz of marijuana sales across the valley (dispensaries must be closed daily from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m.).

Q: Where can I buy it?
A: Licensed medical marijuana dispensaries that have gotten state and local approval can start selling their products as recreational starting Saturday. Thirty-seven dispensaries in Las Vegas and unincorporated Clark County have received their local permits, and the state is expected to give its final approval to businesses on Friday.
Several dispensaries, including most in downtown Las Vegas and near the Strip, plan to be open right as sales begin at midnight.

Q: What’s the difference between medical and recreational marijuana?
A: There is no difference in medical or recreational marijuana in Nevada. The same products will be sold as both recreational and medical, with only the price differing at the sales counter.
Recreational marijuana is subject to a 10 percent special sales tax, and the revenue from that will go to rebuilding the state’s rainy day fund.

Q: How much can I buy?
A: You’re legally able to carry up to an ounce of marijuana and 1/8 of an ounce of concentrate, and that’s the same amount you’ll legally be able to buy. This applies to both tourists and local residents.

Q: I bought my weed, now where can I smoke it?
A: Smoking or consuming marijuana in public is off-limits, and getting caught will land you a $600 fine.
That means the only place to smoke is in a private residence. Think houses, apartments, condos, etc. Las Vegas police said this extends to driveways and patios, as well, but not to sidewalks or streets.
Marijuana use is also banned on the Strip and on all gaming properties in the state. For tourists, this means they can’t smoke marijuana in the hotel rooms or anywhere on the gaming resorts’ grounds.
The Legislature toyed with passing a law that would have allowed for marijuana social clubs, but the bill died before reaching the governor’s desk.

Q: Can I drive with marijuana in the car?
A: Yes, in this sense it’s much like alcohol. You can carry it around or drive with it in your car, but driving stoned is still very much against the law. Not even passengers can smoke or consume marijuana in a vehicle under Nevada law.
A marijuana DUI could land you a fine of up to $1,000, a suspended license and even jail time.

For the complete article, please visit:


Fictitious Nonfiction: A Tale of a Ghetto City Part I

Please leave your thoughts/predictions in the comments. I appreciate all the love!
It’s funny to think back to a time before weed became so widely available. I remember when you could make an entire city jump if you had a bag. Me, being the hood entrepreneur that I am, found it a convenient form of currency. I could get anything; especially bitches, bitches will do anything to smoke. I was lucky enough to meet my connect at the right time. Before everything went to hell…
One unfortunate truth of living in the hood is that when you start doing better than the next, there will be haters; friends, family, EVERYONE will hate you and want to be you. You know mockery is the greatest form of flattery but flattery can easily become obsession.
I’ve been smoking since I was young, some say too young but what the hell? Can’t undo what’s done. It wasn’t uncommon to find me on my front porch surrounded by any number of people, smoking, drinking, living a ghetto fairy tale.
“You need weed? I know a guy.”
Everyone one knows a guy. But not like this guy. Jay was a lanky framed man in his thirties though his voice told a different story. His warm gap tooth smile was the first thing that I noticed as I walked to his van. As I got into the Astro Van, he stared at me with a cheeky smirk on his face.
“So you need weed? What you want?” Jay opened a small backpack with a large bag of weed and a scale stuffed inside.
“Ummm just a dime, I gu-”
“Nah I don’t do dimes. This is kush. It’s $25 a gram.”
KUSH?! I was used to smoking chronic at best. Though I’m heavy smoker, kush had eluded me.
“Oh, well give me 5.”
As he packed up my order, his grayish blue eyes peered up at me, his surroundings, then back to the mound of green gold in his lap.
“Ay! You want to buy some fireworks?”
That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Jay was always there when I needed him. He went from weed man to confidant. There was no male figure in my life so anytime a older man paid me attention, I held on. He was there when my ghost of a father came home from a 5 year long “work trip” with more baggage than he left with. The night he returned my mother broke the space heater on his head.
I ran.
I knew if my mother was standing up to the man that was so quick to strike her down, I had to run. I ran until my legs were no longer attached to my body. The wind splatter the tears on my face like rain on a windshield. As I ran past the liquor store on the corner of my block, a familiar voice stopped me in my tracks.
“My boy Charlie, where you goin’ in such a hurry?”
He wrapped his arms around my shoulder, guiding me to his van. We got in. Jay grabbed his portable DVD player and popped in the latest bootlegged film. The opening credits began to roll as I explained my troubles.
“I can solve all of your problems, but you have to be down. Don’t get yourself into something that can’t get out out of.”
My thoughts bounced between my dead beat dad, being poor and everything in between. I couldn’t afford to sell drugs but I couldn’t afford not to either.
“Look ma boy, I can’t help you with your issues with your pops. But I can help you bring in some extra cash. Want to sell for me?”
“Hell yeah Jay! I’ll sell for you!”
“Look lil nigga, this is big money involved. I don’t want to have to hurt you over this weed. If you think this is too much for you, it’s best for you to quit while you ahead.”
Jay reached behind my seat, handing me a black backpack. I didn’t need to look inside to know what was up. I was a drug dealer now.
Once word got around the neighborhood that I was selling weed, a sudden wave of popularity over came me; all of my friends loved me, I had more girls over in a week than I could count. I was the man! But soon, it became a “thing”. Meaning, everyone wanted to sell weed for Jay. Luckily, he knew better.
Not everyone was so smart. One of my closest frienemies, Jaime, found someone dumb enough to trust him with waaay too much product. Looking back on it, I was a small time dealer in comparison. Jaime went from the guy that always needed to borrow five bucks to having the flyest car on the block. Rumors were that he was working with some guys from Mexico with major connections. Nobody wanted to get involved because if there was anything we all knew about Jaime, he was trouble.
Everything thing was great. I had my clientele, as did Jaime. I wasn’t trying to make it rich from selling weed but he was. Jay was allowing me to make a huge profit; he only want $300 every Sunday. I made double that in a good week. It was a JOB: Just Above Broke.
“Yeah, he’s letting me do the pick up Monday. A kilo, dawg! You ain’t never seen that much weed in yo life!” Jaime boasted as he walked back and forth across my front porch.
It was mid August but it felt like the early days of summer. Guys on the block took the opportunity to walk around, no shirt only tattoos, bullet wounds, and prison battle scars.

All of my closest were packed onto my front porch, drinking and smoking. Our all day ritual.

“Nigga…you still gotta give most of that money to your guy. Stop boasting on someone else’s money.” Eddie, the oldest in the group spoke firmly. His chubby fingers rolled the best blunt in the city.

You could see the thoughts racing through Jaime’s mind as he mustered up a come back.

“Nigga, I’ll take the whole shit! What the fuck you think?! I ain’t got no dick and balls?!”

The porch fell silent; no one endorsed that idea. Jaime stopped in his steps. He didn’t even believe what he had said.

“Maaaan sit yo dumbass down!” Eddie waved him off, sparked the blunt and changed the subject. He started shadow boxing. His short arms moved as fast as the could, mimicking the professionals.

We changed subject but we knew. We knew that Jaime would do something dumb, it was a matter of time. That’s the unfortunate curse of the hood: if you say it, you gotta do it.

Daaaamn Do Fries Come With That Shake Shack? By Leigh

I finally had Shake Shack! Since the New York based restaurant moved to Hollywood last year, it’s been on my to do list. By coincidence, my significant other had a business event within one block the burger chain. Guess who parked in their parking structure? This girl right here!

Californians only know In N Out…that’s what a hamburger’s all about, or so thought. Let’s start off with the super chill atmosphere. It’s clean and the workers are so nice. Instead of your normals booths and stools, they have more modern wooden booths which were surprisingly comfortable despite how they look. The condiment station was tidy and fully stocked, though the place was packed!

Let’s talk about the important stuff- the food. If there’s one thing that I love, it’s a good burger. There is a formula for a perfect burger, and they’ve got it figured out; the combination of fresh ingredients, perfectly seasoned beef and a bun that is other worldly. Burger joints tend To go very light on seasoning, since this is Los Angeles and everyone is health conscious. Not Shake Shack! Their meat reminded me of a burger that my mother would make; well seasoned and cooked perfectly. I mistakenly ordered my fries without Shake sauce…WHHHHY?! This stuff is great on everything! It’s not just thousand island dressing, it’s ten times better. Besides the actual food,have to touch base on the Shake lemonade. Can you say, yes please? Don’t get a fountain drink, spend the extra money and get the lemonade. It’s freshly made with real lemons. This stuff would run Minute Made out of town.

I’ve found my new favorite burger spot. Even though it’s a bit of a drive, I will be stopping in again in the near future. Thanks Shake Shack Hollywood!

Shake Shack Hollywood & Vine

6201 Hollywood Blvd #104, Los Angeles, CA 90028

HOLY SHRIMP! This scampi happening!: San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant

By Leigh


Since it was PACKED on Father’s Day, my family and I stopped into the San Pedro Fish Market this past Monday. It is located near the Los Angeles Ports of Call in San Pedro.

shrimp tray

The Home of the Shrimp Tray, the San Pedro Fish Market offers some of freshest seafood in So Cal. The fish market offers a patio area for customer to sit and feast while watching the shipment tankers pass. Considering it is in a highly industrial area, the scenery is beautiful. I wish I could say the same for the customer service that I received.

The lady that served me was everything but nice. She was very dry and unorganized. She handed another customer our pager, refused to accept that she did so, and threw my receipt at me. I was starving so I didn’t think to speak with management, plus I knew I’d get the chance to voice my opinion through the blog.


We waited for 30 minutes (FYI: If you plan on bringing the little ones, opt to sit in the restaurant. There are no high chairs available for the patio area. No fun with a toddler.) before I had to go and ask about my order. I had been given another pager which ultimately was not attached to my order. The young lady that helped me was very nice; she promptly found my food, which was sitting in the window getting cold. Now to finally taste the imfamous shrimp tray.


We tried the 2 person shrimp tray, elote, and shrimp & chips. One word describes the food: GREAT. I can see why people come here for the shrimp tray. I’ve had mimicked versions that suffered from lack of flavor but this one was booming with flavor. The elote (mexican style corn on the cob) was very tasty in combination with the shrimp & chips. WARNING: You will get the urge to overeat! Resist! Unfortunately, I didn’t take my own advice.


Can’t wait until I get another chance to visit. Hopefully the service will be much better next time.

Vegas! Here WE Come!


By Jenna

Alrighty then! Update on my packing for Vegas trip while I smoke!

Today I am smoking on Skywalker. It is an indica that is super fresh and light. It isn’t super sticky, but it has an amazing smell!

I started my packing a few days early because I get super stressed and anxious (not the fun kind, the kind that makes you hyperventilate  and unable to focus), hence medicating.

So, a full three days in advance I made a list of everything I want to accomplish before we head out. It ranged from cleaning the kitchen table to getting the pets ready. I knew I wanted my apartment cleaned because my parents are checking in on my cat, Padme, while they babysit my dog, Evee. Ya, I know, I’m nerdy and named my pets after Star Wars and Pokemon. I also knew I needed to get all the clothes washed and packed before the day we actually leave.

Yesterday, I washed and packed all the clothes needed. My Littles are small so they only took one gym bag, while me and the hubby used the full space of my larger luggage. I am a pretty light packer in general. I also cleaned the house and prepared the dishes for the dishwasher. My hope and intention was to only leave a few pieces to the departure day.
Which brings us to today, I still have to pack the truck, but I needed to make a run to Target first! I spent more than expected, as usual. I still need to get the toiletries ready to go, but that has to wait until the hubby is showered. Man he stinks after coming home from work! That’s what happens when you fall for a hard working man.

I’ve also run into a larger problem. My father-in-law is coming with us on our Vegas vacation. He is staying in the room with us, and will basically be with us all the time. He can’t know I smoke cannabis. I tossing ideas with Leigh; she had a suggestion that warranted note. Leigh’s recommendation is to smoke in the bathroom with the shower on and a towel under the door. The water adheres to the smoke and draws it out of the air. This didn’t take away the issue of the smell, so I’m out of luck on that front. My best hope still remains with edibles. There is no smoking, I can eat it in public, the high lasts for HOURS, and I don’t smell. So, it is off to the dispensary for me, because I was lazy the last two days and didn’t go already!

I’ll post again upon my return! Viva Las Vegas!!!



High Hemp Organic Wraps

IMG_20170620_231411_988Disclaimer: We do not endorse the use of ANY tobacco products.

I think I’m in love. I purchased High Hemp Organic Wraps, non GMO, tobacco free, vegan hemp wraps. A product of Amsterdam that has found a place in my heart.

Quality 8/10

People smoke blunts because they don’t know how to roll joints…at least for me that was the problem. The tobacco wrap was stronger than flimsy zig zags but had negative effects on my health. The High Hemp wraps feel just like a blunt wrap at initial feel. It wasn’t until I attempted to tear it in half that I started to notice the difference. This is not a wrap you can use to roll multiple blunts. I folded and ripped the wrap horizontal,to my surprise, it exploded in my hands. Don’t get me wrong,I was able to get the smaller piece that wanted but the other was trash.

Taste 9/10

At the time of purchase, the dispensary(who shall remain nameless due to mediocre, at best, flower and sub-par customer service) had original or mango flavor; mango is ALWAYS the way to go. Unlike the typical wrap, the smell and taste were so subtle. It wasn’t until I was actively smoking that I started tasting mango on my lips.   

Smoke 9/10

These wraps come +CBD. The morning after smoking,I felt great. No signs of THC hangover (heavy eyes, raspy throat, feeling like shit). Unfortunately, when I lit it, it began to run. I was able to correct the issue without ruining my smoke sesh. It was nice that the pack included filters, a huge plus.


Overall score: 8

Will I be purchasing these wraps again? Yes. They were only $1. For that price, this is a pretty reliable product. Besides that, I feel that this is a good way to smoke a blunt sin tobacco.

Would I recommend our followers give it a try? ABSOLUTELY! High Hemp is the way to go! All of our followers should visit their website https://www.highhempwraps.com/ to get a better look at their line of products.

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Canna be a Nurse?

School has been something of the past for me in recent years. After I had my daughter, my inner warrior convinced me that even with a premie I could continue with classes. How wrong I was; dropped/failed every class. The spring semester rolled around and I did the same thing. For me, it was a major disappointment.

By 24,I planned to be well on my way to becoming a neurologist. Instead, I was a new mom with no career in sight. I still yearned for more but it was all a dream, until recently. I’ve watched my friend of twenty years go from working a 9-5 to completing nursing school. I’m not going to lie, I was hating when she told me that she would be graduating this December. What happened to my life? When did I get so comfortable? I consulted with my support system (my SO, Jenna, and BFF)….

I’m going back to school y’all!

It’s something that I’ve wanted to do. I feel that I’m finally ready, especially since I have a solid baby sitter. Last week I visited my local community college to meet with a counselor. Meeting with a counselor and having no plans to discuss is a huge NO-NO. I had to have a major, a program in mind. What better than to revisit where I started: medicine. I decided to follow in the footsteps of my friend, pursuing nursing.

Now that I had a plan, it was time to gather all of the transcripts from every colleges I’ve attended. Mind you,I started taking community college classes in 2006, while I was in 10th grade. 5 schools and 30 bucks later, I had all of my transcripts. My biggest concern was that I’d have to take a huge amount of math. Unfortunately, it’s not my strong suit. It high school, however, I took a statistics class at UCLA and got a C. I prayed that this would cover my math requirement. My luck is never that good…

“Your math requirement is met. So you only have about 3-4 classes before you can apply to the nursing program.”

All of that over achieving paid off! With my math requirement met,I can move onto my science classes. In the fall, I will be taking with Chemistry 4 or Chemistry 20. The counselor recommended that I take Chemistry 20 (Fundamentals of Chemistry) because it is better suited for someone going into nursing. I’m considering taking Chemistry 4 because it’s been 10 years since I’ve taken Chemistry.

Choices. So many choices.

I’ll keep you guys updated.

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One for the Dads

By Jenna

There are no two fathers in my life that I appreciate or respect more than my own father and the father of my children. These two men could not be more different, yet they bring stability and strength to their role as fathers.

My father and I had a difficult time getting our relationship established because we were separated for many years. When he did come back into my life it was hard to fill the gap of so many years. When we began to smoke together, that gap became smaller and smaller. Each time we would sit down for a session, it would peel back the layers. I may have not turned out how he expected, but he did raise me well. My most fond memories of my teens were camping with the family and hanging out with my dad while we smoked. Our conversations were always strained, but sitting down and smoking helped us open up. My dad did everything he could to give me more than he had when growing up. I am forever thankful for his hard work and the struggles he faced trying to be the father he wanted to become. He is now a happy grandpa!

My husband has been a wholly different father for our children. He is strong yet loving. He expects great things from our children and breaks his back to give us the world. I saw the love and desire to see a happily sleeping baby as my husband woke up at 2am on Father’s Day to soothe the crying baby, or at least attempt to soothe the baby, back to sleep. As he stumbles back to bed, realizing he isn’t able to complete the task, and attempts to sleep. I see him at his greatest when he is so exhausted from work that he can barely keep his eyes open, yet he still helps change diapers, feed children, and in general be a present father.

I couldn’t be happier or more thankful for the two most influential fathers in my life. To show these men a little love, I made a delicious blueberry cheesecake, which my lovely daughter stuck her grubby fingers in as soon as it was brought out of the refrigerator. I found the recipe on TASTE OF HOME and executed it exactly as directed. This is new to me because I rarely follow any directions I’m given. I typically like to put my own spin on things. I wish I had made some extra amendments of my own though.

There will be a cheesecake post, or a few, in the future. In the meantime, Happy Father’s Day! 

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